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Professional diploma in painting

  • Introduction to Painting

    We will start this lesson by discussing some common obstacles to painting and then provide practical guidelines to those with a limited experience and budget. We will then define painting, explain why it is relevant as a art medium today and introduce the different genres of painting.

  • Walk and Talk like an Artist

    In this lesson we will discuss the essential tools, materials, mediums and space that you will need for a simple painting work space and why a small range of tools is better than an large one. We will then teach you some essential art vocabulary and how this can help you to appreciate almost any artwork.

  • Just Geometric

    In this lesson you will start your still life artwork! We will do this by understanding and drawing geometric forms with the help of a still life template provided by the educator. Other skills covered will be understanding overlap, proportion, distortion and perspective and how to use a reference image.

  • Tone is your friend

    In this lesson you will learn how lighting is essential to a still life artwork. We will then add tone to artwork to unify and dramatise your still life.

  • Creating Colour 101

    In this lesson you will learn how to add different colours to your still life and how to choose colours that go well together. In order to do this we will discuss the essentials of colour theory. You will also learn how to mix colour using a limited amount of paint tubes.

  • Blending and Building

    In this lesson you will learn how give your still life a believable and smooth look by blending different areas of colours. You will also learn how to paint more confidently as you build layers from thin to thick.

  • Pushing and Pulling

    In this lesson you will take the colours of your still life to the next level. This will be achieved through the technique of 'pushing and pulling' colours: either making colours more vibrant or dull, or varying paint application between thick and thin.

  • Finishing Touches

    In this lesson you will learn how to create a realistic, finished look to your still life painting through the use of various finishing techniques.


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I have just completed Kevins Graphic Design course and highly recommend it to anyone interested in this field. It was packed with a wealth of info that he crammed into 10 excellent lessons.


Thanks to Kevin for the amazing graphic design courses I'm thoroughly enjoying it and learning new things each lesson


I found the course of Graphic Design to be extremely helpful.I have never found the staff at any other learning institution as supportive as the staff at Shaw Academy.


It's my first time to try and online course..


I have started with Shaw academy graphic design course , I am enjoying the course It is really interesting ,,Thank you Shaw academy #shawgraphic

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