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When ‘No Problem’ is a Problem

How often do you say the phrase “no problem” or “no worries” to a customer?

They say “can we change the time of the meeting?”, you say “no problem”

The issues:

  • You are diminishing what you are doing for them
  • You could possibly be offending them – “you are usually a problem, but this one? no problem”

When you want to use the phrase “no problem”, instead see it as an opportunity to use the principle of reciprocation. Here’s how: Frame your answer positively “I am happy to do that for you” or even better “I’m sure if the roles were reversed you’d do the same”. By using the second phrase you are gently reminding someone that you are doing them a favour and they can then consider if they would in fact do the same thing if the roles were reversed. It strengthens the favour that you are doing for them. And the best phrase to use in order to get someone to really acknowledge what you are doing for them….. “How helpful is that to you?” Think about what this does. It forces the person to consciously think of a reason why the favour you are doing for them is helpful. They are less likely to forget that you are doing them a favour.  So the next time you are about to say “no problem”, ask yourself if there is a better way of phrasing your reply.  Think about how this information could be useful to you and your team and when you decide you want to know more see about our fast track business success course.

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Updated: May 1, 2015


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