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How to Approach Smartphone Photography with Precision, Skill, and Finesse?

In order to perfect mobile phone photography, it is necessary to enable and empower the smartphone in the best possible manner. While this might sound easier in theory, practical implementations are way harder to execute. The first step, however, involves installing a few functional editing applications, purchasing a set of compact lenses, and opting for a power bank that would help the device remain juiced up for additional toil. 

In the subsequent sections, we shall enlist some of the best strategies for taking smartphone photography to a completely new level, regardless of the processing prowess of the concerned gadget:

Choosing the Best Phone for Photos

The first conundrum that comes in the way of perfecting smartphone photography is the choice of the device i.e. the confusion between an iPhone and an ably packed Android smartphone. While Apple makes sure that iPhones have the inherent capability to shoot great snaps, the scales are slightly tilted in favor of Android due to its exceptional third-party compatibility.

Zeroing in on the Best Mobile Photography Tools

In order to make phone photography a successful endeavor, it is necessary to zero in on a few details, regarding the quality of smartphone lens, accessories, aperture, and more. However, there are certain aspects which make smartphones great choices for capturing DSLR like images, sans any additional effort. 

  1. _Image Size_— The best thing about using a smartphone for photography is that images are sized perfectly and there is no need to resize them in case they are to be uploaded across social platforms.
  2. _Compatible Gear_— Mobile phone photography has evolved immensely and it is now easier to get hold of additional lenses for improving overall functionality. By simply pairing them with telephoto, macro, and even wide-angle lenses, it is possible to capture superior quality photos than what the concerned smartphone is built for. 
  3. _Featured Usage of Steadicam_— While it is necessary to select the right phone to shoot, getting a functional Steadicam for enhanced image stabilization is sure to improve the final output. 
  4. _Excellent Tripod Compatibility_— Although mobile photography is all about capturing images on the go, it is necessary to fix the device at times for coming up with the best images. Unlike DSLRs that are bulky in nature, smartphones are extremely compatible with tripods.

Enlisting the Best Techniques for Mobile Photography

Now that we have established the role of accessories, it is necessary to enlist the techniques for perfecting smartphone photography in the best possible manner.

  1. _Attending to the Details_— In order to become an outstanding mobile photographer, it is necessary to figure out the concept of composition, focus, and exposure. While clarity of vision is integral to any form of art, a strong foothold on the technicalities of what constitutes great photography will aid in improving the final output.
  2. _Concentrating on a Particular Genre_— When it comes to exploring the nooks and crannies of mobile photography, sticking to a particular genre to attain perfection will not only improve your technical skills but also enhance your thought process.
  3. _Following Light Trails_— Light trails are the best way to add the wow factor to your photography while improving your technical expertise. They are ideally captured in low light conditions of the traffic flowing along the city streets. Getting the right combination of aperture, ISO, shutter speed is the key to capturing enchanting light trails. 


While these are some of the best possible hacks for improving and perfecting mobile phone photography, there are a host of other techniques that need to be explored in detail, including the likes of lens flare, macro photography, and other intricate concepts which require proper attention to detail. 

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Updated: Sep 30, 2019


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